Saturday, October 8, 2016

JRW Comics Downloads!

Now available: Downloadable comics by yours, truly.  These are high-resolution scans of all my comic book titles in PDF format, perfect for reading on computers or tablets.  Two different "packages" are on offer:

CRAP #1 - #7:  The entire run of the title I created for Fantagraphics, circa 1993 - '95.  196 pages total.  Price: $8

JRW One-Shots:  Includes BAD COMICS, BUMMER, COMPLETELY BAD BOYS, DAMNATION!, FUN HOUSE, and a bunch of bonus junk (interviews, illustrations, rarities, etc.)  268 pages total.  Price: $10

Save a few bucks!  Order both of the above download packages for only $15.

Here's how it works:  First, send me money!  In return, I'll send you a download link (or links) to the zip file(s) plus password(s).  Simply download, unzip, and enjoy.

PayPal is my preferred method of payment.  I'm also happy to accept checks/money orders...just let me know and I'll be glad to forward my snail mail address.  Please be sure to include your email address along with payment.  Also...there's some adult material going on here, kids, so don't forget to include some indication that you're over the age of 18.  PayPal payments and/or messages will reach me via:


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