Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kan-Gu-Wa! Katanga! Chop Chop!

Just got these four new-ish comps via the generous & accommodating Mr. Lemon of San Francisco.  The tracks featured on these albums are mostly vocals, with a few instrumentals also included.  Below I've posted a four-track instro track from each album...for your listening pleasure.



The Three Suns - Volcano
Jack La Forge - The Cleopatra Kick
Sandy Nelson - Chop Chop
Classie Ballou - Classie's Whip

Kan-Gu-Wa (info)
Ahbe Casabe (info)
Katanga (info)
Chop Chop! (info)

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Anonymous said...

I have all of these comps. They're great! Spoonful records is based in Germany. Until recently they released only CDs (incredible CDs!!!) from various European collectors. Alas, a demand for vinyl versions was too big to ignore so in the last several months they've issued "samplers" of those collections. I have many Spoonful volumes but easily my favorites are the Sin City JukeBox series (9 CDs and an LP... yowza!!!). Spoonful Records has a Facebook page... Check it out:

In the "Albums" section just click on "Spoonful Series". There's an email address for inquiries about purchasing the music.

Hope the info is helpful. Please write if you have any questions. Thanks so much for all the great music you've posted. I really dig your comps!

elviki at mindspring dot com