Saturday, October 8, 2016

JRW Comics Downloads!

Now available: Downloadable comics by yours, truly.  These are high-resolution scans of all my comic book titles in PDF format, perfect for reading on computers or tablets.  Two different "packages" are on offer:

CRAP #1 - #7:  The entire run of the title I created for Fantagraphics, circa 1993 - '95.  196 pages total.  Price: $8

JRW One-Shots:  Includes BAD COMICS, BUMMER, COMPLETELY BAD BOYS, DAMNATION!, FUN HOUSE, and a bunch of bonus junk (interviews, illustrations, rarities, etc.)  268 pages total.  Price: $10

Save a few bucks!  Order both of the above download packages for only $15.

Here's how it works:  First, send me money!  In return, I'll send you a download link (or links) to the zip file(s) plus password(s).  Simply download, unzip, and enjoy.

PayPal is my preferred method of payment.  I'm also happy to accept checks/money orders...just let me know and I'll be glad to forward my snail mail address.  Please be sure to include your email address along with payment.  Also...there's some adult material going on here, kids, so don't forget to include some indication that you're over the age of 18.  PayPal payments and/or messages will reach me via:

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Scar Stuff Lives!!!

SCAR STUFF, a Halloween-themed music sharing blog of unspeakable awesomeness, has returned from the dead...sort of.  As Jason Willis, creator of the blog, says:

Well THIS is pretty nuts.
Ten years ago (and basically on a whim) I started up a little blog called “Scar Stuff.” It wasn’t very flashy or anything; I largely just used it as an avenue to share some of the 100s of rips I had made of the various Halloween-related albums I had been amassing since I was, oh, around 5 years old.
Unexpectedly this blog really struck a chord with a certain kind of weirdo, and I began to get tons and tons of downloads, comments and emails from hundreds of people who I had never met -- all of whom were honestly just the nicest folks you could possibly imagine.
In fact the community that sprung up around this thing totally blew my mind, and I’ve STILL got a slew of friends in my life that came about as a direct result of it all. In fact, hey — maybe you’re one of them!
So, why am I talking about all of this? WELL CHECK IT OUT —>
On what would have been the tenth anniversary of Scar Stuff, Mr. Stevo Wolfson of Nightmare City Halloween fame, has created a super-insane tribute to my old site by actually RE-UPLOADING the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ SITE’S WORTH OF AUDIO.
That’s right! It’s totally jaw-dropping to me, and even better is that I’ll finally have a decent response for “Hey, loved the site! Oh, and, uh, by the way — where CAN I get those old files?”
So! I’ve really run out of things to say -- it's all just too cool and unexpected.

My hat is off to you, Mr. Stevo! Happy Halloween, man!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pete Is Neat!

Fantagraphics recently reissued Peter Bagge's NEAT STUFF as a snazzy two-volume hardcover slipcased set.  I interviewed Pete for THE COMICS can read the interview here:

Friday, July 29, 2016


This story originally appeared in CRAP #5 (1994).  You can own the original art if you give me some money!  CLICK HERE for purchasing info.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cool Comps Alert

There's always cool stuff up for grabs at the TWILIGHTZONE! blog...lately they've been on a roll, sharing some of my all-time favorite compilation LPs.  Just hit the link, scroll down, and look for the albums I've pictured below:

Not to be outdone, my online pal Michael Vee has been sharing more wild & wonderful stuff at his '60s MOSTLY UNCOMPED blog in recent months, including some collections of very rare and obscure instrumentals...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Lost BAD BOYS Story!

FOUND!  I did this BAD BOYS story for a European magazine (I forget the title) way back in '93.  I sold the original art/page some years ago.  I knew I had photocopies of it somewhere, but could never seem to find 'em when I was looking for 'em (can you relate?)  Whilst digging through my subterranean archives today looking for stuff to sell at tomorrow's BIG EVENT (more on this below...) I finally unearthed this trashy little treasure.  When the story was originally published it was translated into another language (Czech?  Finnish?  Polish?  I forget!), so, for what it's worth, this is the first time this story has appeared in english (except, maybe, for a really bad scan at my COMIC ART COLLECTIVE page).  Scroll down & enjoy!  But first...

Look for me tomorrow (Sunday the 22nd) at LINEWORK NW, the annual trĂ©s chic Portland alternative comics event! I'll be lurking in the dungeon of Norse Hall at FRANKENSTEIN'S COMIC BOOK SWAP, where I'll also be DJ-ing (via computer) from my vast collection of obscure audio weirdness.  In addition, I'll have all kinds of cool junk for sale, and I'd be jolly as hell if someone came down and gave me lotsa money to buy every last bit of it!  Anyway...I think both events have free admission, so what have you got to lose by stopping in just to say "howdy"?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hooray For Herbie!

I loved Herbie comics (1958 - 1966)...but I never owned many issues.  So I was delighted to discover that all 23 original issues--plus a whole bunch of "bonus" stuff--are available for download (as PDF files) via the Internet Archive!  Yay!!

Get Herbie!

BONUS: MORE comics collections at the Internet Archive!

EC Horror Comics

Fawcett Comics (Beware Terror Tales, Worlds Beyond, etc.)

Skywald Comics (Nightmare, Psycho, Scream)

Web Of Mystery (Ace Comics)

Ace Comics collection (Atomic War!, World War III, Crime Must Pay The Penalty, etc.)

Tales Of Horror #1 (additional issues in links at bottom of page)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Contemporary Instrumentals 3

Instrumental music is alive and well.  Here are a few favorites, all released within the last couple of years.  The final YouTube track below is an oldie, showing the robot band above in action!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hell-Raisin' & Rebellion

Happy New Year!  Yup, I'm still kickin'.  Just wanted to mention a couple up-and-coming thangs to be on the lookout for, both of which will eventually be found over at the WFMU ICHIBAN! blog.

First up...the annual WFMU RADIO pledge drive will soon be in full swing.  As a pledge drive "premium" I've thrown together a collection of (mostly instrumental) music from classic biker flicks, which also includes selected tracks from other Mike Curb-produced "teenage rebellion"-type exploitation movies.  The DVD-R MP3 collection, titled CYCLE PSYCHOS & MOTOR MANIACS, will also feature a number of radio spot ads.  Watch WFMU ICHIBAN for details.

Kogar the Swinging Ape is finishing up his latest compilation.  The individual tracks have been posted weekly for the past few months or so; the finished comp (titled SWITCHBLADE PANIC!!) should be available in its entirety soon (also at the ICHIBAN blog, naturally!)