Friday, May 10, 2013

45s - Believe It or Not!

As a kid I loved Ripley's Believe It or Not!  I had several paperback reprints of the original newspaper feature, and I read them over and much weird, cool, and strange stuff out there in the just took a guy like Robert Ripley to go out & find it, then share it with the rest of us.  Fishing for obscure 45s on YouTube can be sort of like that.  I never really know what I might dig up...frantic faux "exotica," wild ventures in heavy reverb/sound effects, or just plain great records which never attracted the attention they deserved.  Thanks to the many & various obsessive crate-diggers out there who share their fantastic finds on YouTube!

Black Zoo - Russ Faith & Orch.

Blutus (Le Lion) - Billy Nash

Baby Elephant Walk - Alan Parker

Giggle Wiggle - The Birds of Paradise

Jo Barbara - Fried Rice

Appletree Theatre - Lotus Flower

The Flying Carpet - Laguestra & his Orch.

The Shin-Diggers - The Mummy Walk

The Noose - The Executioners

The Spirits - Kaput

Prentiss McPhail - It's Uncle Willie Time

Fred Adison - Drive In and Twist

Kid Burbank - Madison Rocket

Bob Summers - Space Walkin'

The Westwoods - Limbo (The Land of Inbetween)

The Rangers - La Citta Sommersa

The Fabulous Imperials - Wierd [sic]

Louis Jackson - Fran's Mood

The Gallahads - Barracuda

Brunswick bowling promo - Hully Gully Bowling Ball

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