Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Drive-In Design

I designed a new header (above) for my web-pal Dick's blog, THE OAK DRIVE-IN...check it out, why don'tcha?  I do a lot of designing for the web, and for print.  I enjoy it!  I designed the header for the WFMU ICHIBAN blog.  I also whipped up printable covers for a bunch of CD/mp3 compilations by Kogar the Swinging Ape, & even more for my own collections of rare/obscure music.  If you're looking for a designer, don't be shy...hit me up.  I'm a reasonable man.  Heck, if you buy some original art from my Comic Art Collective page, I might even do you some design work for free!

Bonus: TV commercial for Remco's Drive-In Movie toy (YouTube)

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