Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shocking Asia

Okay, I lied.  Nothing particularly shocking here.  A little weird or exotic, maybe.  Here’s a raw and ragged collection of obscure instrumental music from asian countries…Japan, China, Thailand, southeast asia, perhaps a few from Indonesia/Malaysia, etc.  A lot of these tracks came from great blogs/sharity sites like RADIODIFFUSION INTERNASIONAAL, MADROTTER TREASURE HUNT, ARCHIVE OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN MUSICWAXIDERMY, and so on.  Artists include the Stylers, the Silverstones, the Space Men, the Brothers Hawk, the Apollo, Son of P.M., Charlie & the Boys, Band 4 Nada, White Cloud Orchestra, the Telstar Combo, the Planets, the Quests, Blue Star Chorus, and more.  Rock, pop, surf, spy and spaghetti western themes, cover versions, updated traditional tunes...74 tracks total in the file (a drop in the bucket, from my ridiculously vast and still growing collection).  Enjoy.  Buy some art or make a donation, if you’re so inclined.


Anonymous said...

Cheers M'dears!

I'm not a robot


This is huge! Thank you again & again.

michael vee said...

absolutely fantastic! thx for sharig your treasures!