Saturday, April 19, 2014

Free Comics!

My latest ploy to get you to send me comics!  Well, free *digital* comics, anyway. What we have here are my 5 comics collections, all now out-of-print, converted to PDF files you can read on just about any old kind of computer-type device...just pop the CD-R into your machine of choice & let the party begin!  What's included:

     • BAD COMICS (1990, 36 pages)

     •BUMMER (1992, 36 pages)

     •Completely BAD BOYS (1992, 28 pages)

     •DAMNATION! (1994, 36 pages)

     •FUN HOUSE (1993, 68 pages)

     •Bonus JUNK (Interviews, alternate cover art, illustrations, various rarities from the archives)

The JRW Comics CD-R is free with any original art purchase of $50 or more (art prints or other reproductions don't count, friends!)  Click below to browse my available work:

My Comic Art Collective page

More available art

More info:

1 comment:

vollsticks said...

No physical copies kicking around, Mr. Williams?! Been on a JR Williams kick recently buying back all the comics of yours I sold to fund my drug habit. Shameful, I know (selling the comix, not the drugs! I am in recovery for a good few years now though. Sorry , you didn't wanna hear my life story!!!). It's Bad Comics and Fun House I need...if not, better keep scouring E-Bay!
Far too poor to buy original art at the moment.....n'e'mind....
All the best!