Monday, August 12, 2013

Claymation™ Reunion

From 1988 - 1992 and 1995 - 2001, I was often found animating/designing/sculpting/drawing at Will Vinton Studios in Portland, where Claymation™ originated.  We made a heck of a lot of TV commercials (remember "The California Raisins"?  The Domino's Pizza "Noid"?  The M & Ms?) and a couple of animated series ("The P.J.s'" "Gary & Mike").  On Sunday, August 11th we had a reunion of sorts...I enjoyed catching up with Linda Chaplik, Sheila Bailey, Marilyn Zornado, Jerold Howard, Craig Bartlett, Vince Backeberg, Lisa Groening, Laura Di Trapani, Christina Sells, Will Vinton, Jim McAllister, Bill Fiesterman, & many more good friends & colleagues.

The California Raisins (with Michael Jackson) - I Heard It Through the Grapevine (YouTube)

Avoid the Noid (YouTube)

The P.J.s - season one, full episode (YouTube)

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