Saturday, June 1, 2019


At last...volume 2 of POPARTZ! is now in print.  "Whut iz it?" you may ask.  Well...around 2008 or so I started making these little 5" x 5" pen and ink and watercolor pop art pieces...lots of portraits of favorite movie monsters, advertising characters, movie stars, superheroes, topless or nude animation characters, etc. etc.  Eventually I made more than 500 of the doggone's a small sampling:

Now, all of these little paintings have been collected, reduced, and lovingly reproduced in full color in two volumes titled POPARTZ!  These slick little booklets (24 pages each) measure approximately 5 3/4" x 8 1/4", are printed on 128g glossy paper, and have a saddle-stitched binding (not stapled).  My publisher sells these for ten bucks each.  For a limited time I'm offering signed copies of both volumes for only $15, plus $3 shipping ($18 total). 

I also have a few copies of my ABSTRACTIONS book available...identical in format to the above, this booklet reproduces some of my abstract artwork (see below):

All three signed booklets - POPARTZ! vol. 1 & 2, plus ABSTRACTIONS - for only $20, plus $3 shipping ($23 total).  I accept PayPal -

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Dick said...

Picked up the 1st volume a while ago @ loved it. Will definitely grab part 2.