Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Lost BAD BOYS Story!

FOUND!  I did this BAD BOYS story for a European magazine (I forget the title) way back in '93.  I sold the original art/page some years ago.  I knew I had photocopies of it somewhere, but could never seem to find 'em when I was looking for 'em (can you relate?)  Whilst digging through my subterranean archives today looking for stuff to sell at tomorrow's BIG EVENT (more on this below...) I finally unearthed this trashy little treasure.  When the story was originally published it was translated into another language (Czech?  Finnish?  Polish?  I forget!), so, for what it's worth, this is the first time this story has appeared in english (except, maybe, for a really bad scan at my COMIC ART COLLECTIVE page).  Scroll down & enjoy!  But first...

Look for me tomorrow (Sunday the 22nd) at LINEWORK NW, the annual trés chic Portland alternative comics event! I'll be lurking in the dungeon of Norse Hall at FRANKENSTEIN'S COMIC BOOK SWAP, where I'll also be DJ-ing (via computer) from my vast collection of obscure audio weirdness.  In addition, I'll have all kinds of cool junk for sale, and I'd be jolly as hell if someone came down and gave me lotsa money to buy every last bit of it!  Anyway...I think both events have free admission, so what have you got to lose by stopping in just to say "howdy"?

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