Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hell-Raisin' & Rebellion

Happy New Year!  Yup, I'm still kickin'.  Just wanted to mention a couple up-and-coming thangs to be on the lookout for, both of which will eventually be found over at the WFMU ICHIBAN! blog.

First up...the annual WFMU RADIO pledge drive will soon be in full swing.  As a pledge drive "premium" I've thrown together a collection of (mostly instrumental) music from classic biker flicks, which also includes selected tracks from other Mike Curb-produced "teenage rebellion"-type exploitation movies.  The DVD-R MP3 collection, titled CYCLE PSYCHOS & MOTOR MANIACS, will also feature a number of radio spot ads.  Watch WFMU ICHIBAN for details.

Kogar the Swinging Ape is finishing up his latest compilation.  The individual tracks have been posted weekly for the past few months or so; the finished comp (titled SWITCHBLADE PANIC!!) should be available in its entirety soon (also at the ICHIBAN blog, naturally!)

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the insurgent said...

Hi. Was there ever a way to get CYCLE PSYCHOS & MOTOR MANIACS except for one winner at WFMU? It looks like it would be awesome, just like everything else you do. If it will never be available, do you have a back cover or a track list? Don't know how many I could find, but it would be fun looking!