Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's A MAD World

A few potentially noteworthy items...

•It might not be news, but Facebook now supports animated GIFs.  Figuring out how to post them can be a bit tricky, but I'm here to testify that it does indeed work (finally!)

•The AROUSE YOUR PASSION blog keeps adding (or pointing out) all kinds of free & interesting stuff.  For example, the entire print run of the classic L.A. punk magazine SLASH is now available as downloadable PDFs.  Lawrence Lipton's early Beat Generation book THE HOLY BARBARIANS is also up for grabs (thanks to the amazing INTERNET ARCHIVE).

•Speaking of the INTERNET ARCHIVE...the site just got a very attractive facelift/makeover.  Check out their section of SCI FI & HORROR FILMS, for each individual entry has a nifty little thumbnail image!

•Thanks to SURFADELIC, my collection of SIN-SA-TION! comp LPs is finally complete!  I also recommend checking out the SLEAZERAMA! compilation.

•A very cool, printable "Cosmonauts-on-the-Moon" diorama/paper project is available to download via AGENCE EUREKA.

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Mr Fab said...

the Mr Weird and Wacky blog posted your Take It Off! comp - just listened to it and MAN that's good stuff.