Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Gator Bait

And now for something completely different...

I've enjoyed listening to this mix, compiled by my pal Jim Blanchard, for some years now.  Jim has graciously permitted me to share it with you here.  I added some appropriate "bonus tracks" at the end to fill the mix out to full disc length, & I made a new cover for it (original cover also included).  The music has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting's more like an imaginary soundtrack for some weird '70s "Mondo" movie that doesn't exist: obscure pop/psychedelica (from home & abroad), insane "twisters" by Italian film music composers, brilliant Brazilian garage band freakouts, spooky guitar effects, and a Burmese cover of a Jim Morrison/Doors tune!  Listening will probably give you nightmares about being held prisoner in a dank, underground, spider-infested Tunisian nightclub, being forced to eat raw dog meat, while on the stage Asha Bhosle yodels cover versions of the entire ABBA catalog, backed by Iron Butterfly.  Or something like that.

Check out Jim B.'s other stuff, which might give you bad dreams of an entirely different kind...


Dick said...

Thanks J.R.

Looks like cool stuff. (and its got a Claudia Jennings movie poster for the cover !)

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Happy New Year!


DOOMSTERJOHN said... is bad !Please,Mr.Williams ,upload on mediafire or something else !Please!
Thanks !