Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Freaky Flicks

I've mentioned THE INTERNET ARCHIVE before...a fantastic online database of free, legal (public domain) downloadable media.  The archive includes a lot of movies that are just right for viewing at this Halloweenie-time-of-year...but navigating through this vast database can be a bit clumsy or frustrating.  I've compiled a list of over 250 films of interest: horror, exploitation, and other "psychotronica" currently available at the Internet Archive.  My list is by no means complete or comprehensive, but might make searching for suitable shock & schlock a little less challenging.

CLICK HERE to download my Archive Movie List (pdf file)

WRONG SIDE OF THE ART is back!  My favorite archive of high-resolution mad movie posters (above are just a few samples)...check it out, boils & ghouls!

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Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yeah, I love the Internet Archive and Wrong Side Of The Art too! Two of THE best sites out there! Thanx for the list, I have to admit the search mode at the Internet Archive leaves a bit to be desired! Not quite sure why it doesn't work better! A small price to pay to be able to access so much for free!