Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music To Crawl By

I love finding nutty stuff like this!  Here we have a YouTube video of a 45 single titled "Gila Monster Crawl" by the Sneaky Petes.  A note on the record's label reads, "From the picture 'The Giant Gila Monster.'"  I don't recall hearing the tune in the film...but, lo & behold, there it is, mentioned on the movie poster!  Now I have to watch it again!!  Fortunately, this is a public domain flick, readily available for online viewing.  One more thing...a note accompanying the YouTube video suggests that the song was actually recorded by Eddie Cochran.  Well, it does bear some similarity to instrumentals Cochran recorded around that time (except for the THEREMIN...)

The Sneaky Petes - GILA MONSTER CRAWL (YouTube)

Eddie Cochran - PUSHIN' (YouTube)

Eddie Cochran - JUNGLE JINGLE (YouTube)

Watch/download THE GIANT GILA MONSTER via the Internet Archive

UPDATE: And while we're on the subject of "monster movie music," here's another cover version of the theme from THE BLOB...

Joe August - THE BLOB (YouTube)

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