Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Jambox Project

How I mounted my Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speaker to my bike, in photos:
Bargain "speaker enclosure"

Filled seams/holes with hot glue

Wood trim to stabilize Jambox

Thick, double-sided sticky tape 

Hole drilled for input jack

Jambox logo

Let's ROCK!!!
Update (7/26): Modifications...I added another brace/support for the speaker enclosure, and mounted a sturdy holder for my iPod.  CLICK HERE to see a photo of the finished setup.

Another Update: CLICK HERE to see the portable subwoofer I built for use with the "JamBike"


54 canoe said...

Excellent! We have a little rechargeable speaker from radio shack that we tie to the handlebars but it's pretty weak. I imagine with the box this has more sound power.

J.R. Williams said...

Thanks! Yup, the "horn" shape of the enclosure does seem to help project the sound. When I first got my Jambox, I experimented with it a bit, seeing what it sounded like when placed inside various things (an empty ice chest tipped on it's side, a cubbyhole in a shelf unit, a square-bottomed, flat-sided flower pot, etc.) That's how I got the idea to mount the Jambox in some kind of enclosure.